About Moxy: Get the Picture

Moxy helps people find what they need when they can’t describe what they’re looking for.

With visual recognition and machine learning technology, our ‘know it when you see it’ product maps change ‘search’ into ‘find’.
We’re replacing text-based search with a smooth visual interface that makes finding what consumers want faster, easier and more delightful.

How We Do It: Maps

Moxy has developed proprietary software that allows us to look at product images and identify the features that are important to people.

We use this information to lay the products out in a map where similar products are close together, creating an intuitive visual interface. These maps help people get to their desired product faster - and then buy it.

Our Vision: not actually magic, but close

You don’t go online to search, you go online to find.

Our vision is to offer people something close to magic: to transform that vague idea of what they want into exactly what they need. And one day, instantly.